Instruction for TN2250:

1. Ensure that the primer is on then open the printer front cover;

2. Turn off the printer;

3. Press the GO keyboard do not stop and open the printer at the same time then all lights are on;

4. until all the lights is on moving the hand from the GO keyboard then all lights will burn out;

5. Press GO keyboard 2 times and the lights on;

6. Go on press GO keyboard 5 times and just error light flash;

7. Close the front cover is OK.

Instruction for Canon40/41 and Canon 50/51 Resetting

After PG40/CL41 or Canon 50/51 cartridges being installed, the power and reset button of the printer still flushes and cannot print. Which means you need to reset chips of cartridge.
I.     For Inkjet Printer
1.    please hold down power button and do not release, at the same time pull out powercord;

2.    Re-connect powercord, and do not release power button, and  press reset key three times and then release power button.

3.    Press power button and turn on the power, now the power button and reset button should not flush any more, you can start printing

II.   For Fax Machine
Method One:
If you can not reset cartridge’s chip with above method, please hold Stop/Reset botton more then 5 seconds.

Metheod Two
Please open GeneralTool for GQ12/GQ13 Ver1.03,
Click “Main” under Clear Waste Ink Counter
Power butten will flesh once, then finish reset.