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Xerox Printer Cartridges

Xerox is a well known brand in printing world with offices in over 180 countries. The first paper photocopy machine was developed by Xerox in 1959. Company produces color and black and white printers, multifunction systems, digital production printing presses and photocopiers obviously. Xerox is also listed in the list of Fortune 500 companies. Xerox is so popular that word “Xerox” is used as an equivalent to “photocopy“.

At 1300 Toner Ink, you will find number of models of Xerox. So, to avoid the confusion first check your Xerox machine for its model number (mostly written on the front or back of the machine) or check cartridge code of your machine. Now the last step is to select the Xerox Toner Cartridge or Xerox Ink Cartridge which you can easily find on the Xerox page at 1300 Toner Ink. Make sure the model number of your machine is listed on the ‘Printer Models’ category of the toner cartridge or ink cartridge you have selected.

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